& Endings

Um, what is it?

Brightly made an album, called Beginnings & Endings. They wanted people to share it - to send it to their friends and family and high school crushes and former worst enemies.

When you join in, you get our new single Preflight Nerves and a unique code. If ten people sign up with your code, you get our album. Easy as that.

And it’s exponential, too. So the further your code goes, the easier it is for everyone! Like a pyramid scheme, but without the bad bits.

1. Join in

Get our new
single Preflight Nerves

2. Share

Share your code and
track where it ends up

3. Win

When ten people join
you get the album free

You’ll get a link so you can keep track of your progress. From where you began, to where you ended, and how many billions of kilometers were inbetween.

Ready to get started?